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Hearts Testimonials

My piano teacher Mrs. Heidi has given me a great influence.  She taught me Christian music and helped me have a closer relationship with Jesus my Lord and Savior.  She has helped me realize how much talent I really have.  She helped me do so many things in my life!!!   Thanks   
~E. C. C.

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My family has been involved with HEArts for three years and I can truthfully say that Wednesday is our favorite day of schooling.  
My two children love going to HEArts to be with their friends, learn from their teachers and participate in activities we cannot do at home.  The atmosphere is filled with Christian love and consideration.  The classes are taught by committed, experienced teachers and have enriched our curriculum.  Heidi, the director, is a gem and really works to bring us the best possible classes while mantaining a family feeling within the program.   HEArts has helped me to persevere with homeschoooling, providing a wonderful outlet for my children while I have the opportunity to spend one morning a week accomplishing work which I otherwise would not have the time to do.   HEArts has been an answer to prayer for me.
~ Barb S., HEArts Mom

We have loved the last 2 years; the HEArts program has been fabulous for all of my boys. Thank you for all the time you invested in them. They have truly benefited from all that you taught them. I will always be grateful for the time they had at The Harmony House. It was well worth our time and money. I hope to see you around and hear about the progress of The Harmony House.
~Melanie T. HEArts Mom

Mrs. Heidi, we love you very much! ~Megan, HEArts Student

This is an amazing school.. I loved Ms. Heidi's creative writing class, it was my favorite! Thx, Ms. Heidi. ~HEArts Student