Frequently Asked Questions :

1) Can you tell me about HEArts?
Please see the  HEArts General Catalog

2) What are the schedule of classes?
Please seeHEArts 2018-19 Schedule of Classes 

3) What will my children be learning in
these classes? Please see the HEArts 2018-19
Course Summaries

4) What is the HEArts calendar?

5) What is the enrollment process?
 Complete the HEArts Enrollment Packet. Submit
​ the  completed packet by mail, appointment, drop by  during business hours or during our informational  meeting. References will be contacted. You will be  notified via email regarding your acceptance into the  HEArts program.  

6) What will my child need for HEArts?
*Document is being revised, thank you for your 
patience, please email 
for information in the time being*

7) What other benefits does the HEArts program offer?

Beyond the 4-5 electives your children will have the opportunity to participate in two annual recitals, a theatrical production, art activities, a Valentine's party, an Easter egg hunt and a Chorus performance in the

Big Shanty Festival and/or the Santa Parade. 


A Message from the Director

The mission of HEArts is to offer quality instruction in subjects challenging to teach at home with competent, professional teachers in a Christ-centered environment.   HEArts has been in existence since January 2005. As director of this ministry, I have personally witnessed God’s provision. Consistently He has met our every need – staff, students, space, and resources. All glory to Him!

The name, “HEArts” is especially meaningful, for not only does it remind us of our ministry vision (encouraging creativity in the arts), but it also reminds us of our spiritual objective -- being concerned with the condition of the heart.  Just as God is concerned with one’s heart condition above all things, so it is at HEArts.  Nurturing young worshipers and raising up Christ-followers is our primary goal and objective.  For we know that when hearts are positioned toward God, everything else falls in line.  At HEArts, matters of the heart come first.

Heidi Truitt

770 422 0022  3610 Kennesaw N. Industrial Pkwy.  Kennesaw, GA  30144