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Letter to the young musician/Artist

Dear Young Musician/Artist,

In your music or art-making you are a creator of beauty.  Because of the beauty, people will naturally be drawn to your work.  But in doing so, please remember that just as all of creation was made for God’s glory, so it is with art.  Aesthetics are for God’s enjoyment, not merely for our entertainment.  All of creation glorifies the Lord, if we pause long enough to listen and look.  We must be aware that even beauty can become an object of worship, if we allow it.

We can create and “do” for God, but if our heart is not right in our “doing”, no matter how aesthetically beautifully or skilled it may be, it matters not.   It is the condition of the heart that matters to the Lord (Matthew 9:13a).   In our art and music-making, God’s desire is for us to enjoy the beauty, but not make it the focus of our worship.  The purpose of the art form is ultimately to bring the Lord glory, for he gave us the talents and the opportunity to develop them in the first place.

You see, years ago, music and art were originally the “property” of the church.  Think back to the early years of the church, the Medieval and Renaissance periods, for example - sculpture, visual art, architecture, majestic and awe-inspiring music - all art forms were vehicles of expression for God’s glory.   And then the church, for a time, discontinued some forms of beauty-making, in fact many beautiful pieces of art were destroyed.  Due to the fact that the church discontinued beauty-making, the secular world began to claim art and music as its own.  And as a result, music and art, at least in the secular world, has become increasingly focused on the glorification of man. 

Enjoy your art form!  Express with freedom and creativity.  You are creative because God is creative, and you were made in his image.  And as you create, do all for the glory of God (Colossians 3:23).

With joy,

Heidi Truitt