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Marina’s advanced education culminated in 15 years of music in the specialization “Music Pedagogy and Education”, obtained with her Master degree of Arts, as a teacher of conductional, and choir disciplines. Always learning, in recent years she continued her education by taking voice classes from Ukrainian pop star, Marina Odolskaya, music industry star Peggy Still Johnson, and AMTC (Actors Models Talents for Christ).

So, remember, if you have big dreams as a musician, singer, you need to join Marina’s classes! If you want to play and sing for yourself & your family, you need to join Marina’s classes!!!

In addition, Marina participating in a church worship team. She writes and perform inspirational songs, perform as an actor for professional and indie film projects, and hobbies include painting.

 Marina teaches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Marina Frolova-White

​Piano, Voice

Marina teaches Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Marina Frolova-White is actively coaching students in piano & voice. Her very special program helps release student’s potential, reach high goals and even improve health. Therefore, she is literally striving to make cool results! Some of her students already perform on shows and stages in Atlanta. Individually differentiated lessons for students from 6 years old to mature.

Marina started her teaching career as a kindergarten music arts teacher and later as a music school conductor. She was part of Christian blues-rock band (vocal and keys) that won its first tour in a rock festival, later participated in a Christian rep band where she wrote the music. She had a worship group leader (conductor, Music Director) position in a mega church where special event choirs could reach 1000 singers. During this time, the church’s worship team recorded an album including two songs Marina composed.