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All of your favorite hymns and worship pieces played by our instructors and students! 

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Scale-A-Thon 2017
Who: Calling all music students of The Harmony House…Learn as many scales, chords and arpeggios as you can!

What: Master the “building blocks” of music for honors and awards.

When: The Scale-A-Thon awards event will be held
Saturday, November 11th from 1:00–3:00 p.m.  at The Harmony House.

What to expect:
The event will include a time of honors and awards (certificates,ribbons, and trophies), scale/chord/arpeggio tutorial and demonstrations, fun musical games,and refreshments!

Certificates and “Music & More!” Store discount gift cards will be presented to all participants. Ribbons will be awarded to the students in each scales category (5-finger, full scales, or advanced) and instrumentation group who master the highest number of scales. Trophies will be presented to the individual in each category who attained the highest level of mastery.


Scale-A-Thon Sheets are available at The Harmony House and also here for downloading to print at home (see below). The event will be held in our Great Room. 

Why:  Scales, chords, and arpeggios are the “building blocks” of music. Mastering these fundamentals equips developing musicians with essential skills! Some children are intrinsically motivated to learn their scales, while some need a little encouragement. This event will provide the motivation needed to encourage your child in the mastery of essential technique.

1) Purchase the appropriate scale book for your level (ask your instructor).
2) Attend your private lessons regularly.
3) Practice!
4) Perform scales, chords, and arpeggios for your instructor to check what you have mastered.
5) Submit the $20/family participation fee to our store.
6) Return your completed Mastery Sheet by the stated deadline on the Mastery Sheet Download.